Guyana Tourism Is Heating Up

american airlines guyana new yorkGuyana.

Guyana, the seat of the Caribbean Community and one of the wider region’s undiscovered tourism destinations, is quietly having a very strong tourism year. 

Tourist arrivals were up by 8.5 percent through the end of September, according to a statement from the Guyana Tourism Authority. 

That’s in large part to the late 2018 debut of American Airlines’ first-ever flights to the destination — an airlift boost that will continue into next year. 

Later this month, American Airlines is launching new flights from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, while in April 2020 JetBlue will launch its first-ever service to the destination. 

Guyana has been working to position itself as an eco-tourism destination, thanks to a surfeit of eco-lodges and one of the most naturally beautiful environments in the hemisphere. 

— CJ


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