In St Barth, an Essential Caribbean Villa


The sun was boldest in the late afternoon and if you looked up for a moment from the sparkle of the pool, you could see the goat on the high rock. 

It was the kind of view one could only find here in Anse des Cayes, in the northwestern interior of St Barth, a lush, rugged, raw and wonderful corner of one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful little islands. 

st barth villa goat
There it was on a boulder high above the cliffs.

On an island that does not lack for fame or renown, Anse des Cayes remains something of a secret, a haven of privacy in place that already has a surfeit of it. 

Anse des Cayes is quiet enclave of St Barth, a place where nature comes right up to you, from the uninhabited cays floating across the water 

And WIMCO’s Villa ABR, this sleek, newly-built, four-bedroom stunner of a home in the Anse de Lezards section of Anse de Cayes, only reinforces that notion, the quintessence of indoor-outdoor living. 

villa outdoor

Because best of indoor-outdoor spaces leave no barrier between the home and the view, between the people and the event. 

And this is a place that almost demands you to be outside, with a pool that seems like it was somehow carved right out of the ocean itself


No matter where you stand, you can see the sea, no matter where you sit, you’re connected to the intoxicating blues before you, whether you’re preparing a ti’ punch in the kitchen or doing yoga on the patio. 

blue pool

Because in the best villas, there’s nothing between you and the day, nothing between you and your designs of the perfect vacation. 

The more days you spend here, the more afternoons in the pool become an inescapable rite, hours of peering out to the little cays buffeted by the froth of Caribbean waves. 

And then, for a moment, you somehow turn around and look up, and see one of the most majestic sights in nature, a silhouette on a boulder at the peak of the cliffs, peering at you in approval. 

Because you’re clearly in the right place. 

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— CJ

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