St Maarten Is Getting a New Eco-Resort

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A new eco-resort project is coming to St Maarten, Caribbean Journal has learned. 

It’s called the St Maarten Hillside Plantation and Eco Resort, and it will be a new kind of tourism project on the island. 

The project is the brainchild of a pair of specialists: agriculture engineer and aquaponics leader Joslyn Richardson and wellness expert Dr Barb Tremlett. 

The plan is to give travelers the opportunity to experience nature through hiking, yoga and educational programs surrounding food production. 

The first phase of the development will include hiking trails and a juice bar, along with a pavilion for relaxation and community events. The following phase will deal with holistic wellness with the establishment of a wellness center. 

Developers plan to build 15 eco-lodges, consisting of three one-bedroom units and 12 studios. 

Amenities will include outdoor camping areas, along with a swimming pool carved out of a local rock formation and a farm-to-table eatery. 

“Many Caribbean destinations boast eco-tourism in different forms, and it is something vacationers are asking for,” said St Maarten Tourism Minister Stuart Johnson. “What is interesting about this development is its unique way of creating something for everyone. Tourism in the Caribbean survived on the premise that our people were creative and did things that were unique and attracted visitors. This eco-resort concept is no different.”

For more, visit the St Maarten Hillside Plantation and Eco-Resort

— CJ


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