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A New Five-Star Resort in the French Caribbean

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It was long the best resort in Guadeloupe, but now the chic La Toubana resort has taken things to another level. 

La Toubana, set in the hip beach town of Sainte Anne, has officially become the first five-star resort in Guadeloupe, following its official certification this month by France’s national hospitality rating body. 

la toubana pool

The upgrade comes after the property completed a two-year, nearly $14 million transformation that also expanded the luxury resort. 

La Toubana now includes 32 bungalows, 12 suites and three villas, the latter of which are the true party piece. 

They’re a mix of one and two-bedroom units, all with stunning views of Marie Galante and designed by noted architect Guy Benoit. 

There are three villas: Villa Ura, Villa Idikia and Villa Ayiti, each with private pools, full kitchens and concierges. 

villa la toubana
One of the villas.

The villas are worth the splurge, with all of the hotel’s amenities and the space and freedom to enjoy the livability, culture and food that make Guadeloupe so unique. 

In a diverse destination filled largely with smaller hotels, La Toubana is a major addition, well timed for this winter’s highly-anticipated arrival of JetBlue Airways to the destination. 

There’s also a signature Spa, with three single treatment rooms, one double treatment room and one room for Thalassa-style treatments, along with a fitness center and an available personal trainer. 

la toubana sunset

The property is set in Sainte-Anne, a bustling beach town that just so happens to be the food-truck capital of Guadeloupe, best known for its trucks specializing in Guadeloupe’s most popular local dish, the “bokit” sandwich. 

The relaunched hotel is the best gateway for travelers those looking to explore a destination that is one of the most fascinating in the region, but one which still remains largely unknown to U.S. tourists. 

It’s also a great jumping off point to discover some of Guadeloupe’s other wonderful islands, from its rum capital of Marie Galante to the charming islet of Terre de Haut

For more, visit La Toubana

— CJ

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