A Spectacular Caribbean Villa in Anguilla


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

There must be some historic meaning. Or it might be a primeval word for tranquility, or the name of some divine spirit.

It wasn’t until the third day that I realized.

Nevaeh, this otherworldly, ethereal luxury villa in Anguilla, was heaven, backwards.

But the longer one stays here, the more it makes perfect sense.

caribbean anguilla villa cover

Nevaeh is a nine-bedroom villa on Long Bay, arguably the most beautiful of all of the beaches in Anguilla, high praise on an island blessed with an abundance of perfect stretches of sand.

And Long Bay is essential to the Nevaeh experience, a secluded corner of the southern corner of Anguilla that effectively becomes your own private beach during your stay here.

Nevaeh extends all the way from a hillside right down to the shores of Long Bay, a sprawling property that means this is as much a Caribbean resort as a villa, with every kind of amenity imaginable. And that is not hyperbole.

caribbean anguilla villa plunge

The plunge pool outside the master suite.

There’s a centerpiece infinity pool and hot tub; a master suite with an ocean-view plunge pool of its own; a fire pit; a gourmet chef’s kitchen; all the watersports you can think of; a Japanese rock garden; a tennis and basketball court; a property-wide Sonos system; a nine-seat home theater; and even a high-tech golf simulator if you care to spend an hour or two at Pebble.

And that would all, on its own, make this place live up to its name.

caribbean anguilla villa beach

The property, which stretches from the beach all the way up a hillside, is stunning.

But there’s also a complete staff.

That means a chef to cook your meals, daily housekeeping and, most importantly, Winston, the man who will make sure that anything you need to find, to organize, to make happen — will happen — from a late afternoon tee time to bringing in masseuses for a poolside spa treatment.

And what it means is that even in Anguilla, a destination that’s all about getting out to the beach shacks and the restaurants, you find yourself drawn, pulled, beckoned to this extraordinary property.

Winston will arrange a massage for you by the pool.

Every time you return from an excursion, you begin to question why you ever left in the first place.

Because the more time you spend here, you understand that, while all of these amenities are marvelous, there’s something else at play.

The design here, the view, the thoughtfulness of everything, have cultivated a special kind of energy.

And as you listen to the waves and watch the different blues on the horizon, as you notice the little white flowers floating on the surface of the pool, you feel it.

Taking an evening rum in the pool I realized I was spending the minutes looking, not at the star-filled waves over Long Bay, but directly into the living room.

caribbean anguilla villa room

The flow is strong here.

Nevaeh has a dual infinity pool, meaning there’s no “edge” on either side.

And in this perfectly designed indoor-outdoor space, the pool seems to flow right into the living room, giving the feeling that there’s no separation between the pool and the villa, a perfect confluence of energies and views, mesmerizing in its own way.

It means you can spend your day looking forward or backward, your night gazing at the ocean or the rock garden, with a balance of serenity in every direction.

In other words, it’s heaven, no matter which way you look at it.

For more, visit Nevaeh Villa.

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— CJ


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