Antigua and Barbuda Launches “Honeymoon Registry”

antigua and barbuda honeymoon registry

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

It’s one of the leading honeymoon destinations in the Caribbean, and now Antigua and Barbuda is making it even easier to make honeymoons to the destination happen.

Antigua and Barbuda has officially launched its new “honeymoon registry,” targeting the growing weddings and honeymoon market.

The registry is full of suggestions for experiences that friends and family can purchase as a wedding gift, including hotel stays, spa treatments and romantic excursions.

It allows couples to start their own honeymoon registry, and lets wedding guests search for existing registries.

“June is Romance Month here in Antigua and Barbuda and we’re excited at the opportunity this new honeymoon registry will bring to the destination,” said Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Minister Charles “Max” Fernandez. “Not only does the registry give couples more options to experience Antigua and Barbuda, but we expect that this platform will also act as a promotional tool that will also attract family and friends to the destination.”

The registry is free to set up and use for married and engaged couples creating their own registry and wedding website.

For more, visit the Antigua and Barbuda Honeymoon Registry.


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