5 Caribbean Inns to Visit Right Now

caribbean innsThe Golden Rock Inn in Nevis.
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They’re somewhere between boutique hotel and bed and breakfast, full of character and charm. The inns of the region are a portal to the soul of the Caribbean, small works of art sculpted by innkeepers who put their passion and, often, perseverance, into their properties.

If you’re looking for a different kind of Caribbean getaway, one that prioritizes sense of place, one that puts a premium on personality, then a Caribbean inn may be just the thing.

Here are five wonderful Caribbean inns to check into right now.

caribbean inns golden

Golden Rock Inn, Nevis This is a jewel, hidden away in the hills of Nevis Peak, with 11 rooms and the sort of vibrant design you’d only find in a place owned by artists. The cottages that dot the property are charming and well appointed, the pool is a work of art in itself, and the eclectic modern aesthetics find a home in the old stone walls. It’s breezy up here in the hills, where, for a moment, you convince yourself you can feel the dormant hum of the volcano.

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