In The Bahamas, a New Kind of Cruise Destination

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

In recent years, more and more private cruise destinations have been popping up around the region, from Belize to The Bahamas.

But a new private port of call set to debut this fall will be a little bit different.

In November, MSC Cruises will unveil its new “Ocean Cay” in The Bahamas, a private island destination that aims to actually preserve — and emphasize — its pristine natural environment.

The vision is to “immerse guests in the natural beauty of their surroundings in the Bahamas,” the company says, with a “deep commitment” to ecological principles.

That includes everything from a lack of motorized water sports, with only non-motorized, low-impact sports like stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, to a move to protect the local conch population.

Even the on-site Spa at Ocean Cay will use AVEDA products, citing what the company called its “natural products and environmental commitments.”

Ocean Cay, which is set within protected waters spanning 64 square miles, even has plans in the works for a coral nursery on the east side of the island.

It’s a marked difference from another recent private destination debuts in the region, with lower-scale development that makes the stunning Bahamian natural beauty the biggest star.

Ocean Cay will also have a slate of nighttime activities, including a traditional junkanoo parade, a light show and even an astronomy-themed stargazing experience.

The plan is to launch Ocean Cay in November, with all MSC Cruises ships from Miami calling on Ocean Cay as part of their Caribbean sailings.

— CJ


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