From The Bahamas to St Vincent, 5 Private-Island Destinations to Try

bahamas st vincent private islandPine Cay.
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You may have heard of the legendary private islands, the places like Antigua’s Jumby Bay and Turks and Caicos’ Parrot Cay.

But if you dig further, you’ll discover that the Caribbean is filled with all kinds of private-island destinations with many different personalities, from the ultra-luxe to the castaway chic and everywhere in between.

Because it’s one thing to find a private island; it’s another to find a secret one.

Here are six under-the-radar private islands worth journeying to right now in the Caribbean.

bahamas st vincent private island

Kamalame Cay, Bahamas Tucked off the northeastern coast of the mysterious, wonderful island of Andros in The Bahamas, this private island has been a haven for in-the-know travelers for years. Set on 96 acres, this beachy paradise has a mix of 27 rooms and suites, along with a collection of charming two-to-four bedroom cottages.

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