At The Bonairian, the Art of the Tiny Caribbean Beach Hotel


By Alexander Britell

It is not quite a boutique hotel, sleeker than a bed and breakfast. There’s a restaurant, though it is certainly no resort.

There is a particular class of tiny hotels in the Caribbean, delightful little places with a handful of rooms, a lunch-and-dinner restaurant and, if you’re lucky, a beach.

They’re typically under the radar, the sorts of accommodations for seasoned travelers who know what they like, what they need and what they want to avoid.

caribbean hotel tiny

It’s the Caribbean hospitality experience, distilled, a simple hotel filled with simple pleasures for sophisticated travelers.

And that’s precisely the case at The Bonairian, tucked away on the southwestern coast of Bonaire.

caribbean hotel tiny

It’s just a quick drive from the airport, but when you walk through the doorway you’ll wonder why you didn’t need a separate flight to get here.

This tiny little jewel box of a hotel has just eight rooms, all contemporarily appointed with neatly designed bathrooms. But when you’re here you won’t be spending much time indoors.

caribbean hotel tiny

Because the outdoor lounge here is worth the trip all by itself, a sprawling deck set on a rocky cliff with sweeping views of Kralendijk, crisp, colorful furniture and a great little pool.

And yes, there’s a private beach here, a lovely sliver of sand perfect for an afternoon spent bobbing and sunning in Bonaire’s sparkling blue water.

caribbean hotel tiny

And then there are the master oceanfront rooms, the primo rooms, the ones that open right out onto the deck and the beach, your own private bungalow in Bonaire.

caribbean hotel tiny

The food is excellent, with Bonaire’s typically friendly service and the waterside tables where you spend more time consuming the view.

When you’re not exploring Bonaire’s adventures or shopping in town, you’ll spend your days on the deck and the sand, savoring the sound of the sea and the calm of this hotel and the joy of knowing you’ve found one of the island’s best-kept secrets.

For more, visit The Bonairian.


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