Rum Journal: Martinique’s Trois Rivieres Cuvee du Moulin

martinique trois rivieres

By Alexander Britell

As you drive along the central highway toward the southern coast of Martinique, there are few notable views — save one.

There’s a stunning old stone windmill flanked by a few wooden buildings.

But this is not mere scenery.

It’s one of the oldest rum plantations in Martinique, the venerable Trois Rivieres, a rummaking operation that spans more than three centuries.

This windmill has become the signature symbol of this rum, of the terroir, of the history of the distillery.

And the company’s latest expression is a celebration of it.

It’s called Trois Rivieres Cuvee du olin, or the “Windmill Blend.”

It’s a blend of rhums agricoles that have been aged in both former bourbon and former cognac casks.

So what’s it like?

It’s got a robust aroma with notes of dried apricot, orange zest, dark chocolate and a hint of black pepper.

The flavor profile is marked by, pepper, nougat, orange peel, cacao and charred cane stalk.

The last is no surprise, given that this is a young expression by the standards of rhum agricole, but it also adds a kind of freshness to the taste.

But there’s also an elegance about this rum, one that makes it eminently drinkable and marvelously well rounded.

It’s smooth, it’s refined and it’s quintessentially Martinique. And the perfect rum to honor that wonderful old windmill.

Trois Rivieres Cuvee du Moulin

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