A Bonefishing Paradise in The Bahamas


By Guy Britton

CARGYLE CREEK — Yesterday we saw a bonefish 24 inches long.

Today we are going back to catch it.  

You can travel the world and back and not find a place that rivals Andros for the quantity and the size of its bonefish.

And no place on Andros is better for big bones than the bights of Andros in The Bahamas. 

bahamas bonefishing

Andros is 100 miles long. There are 3 passageways through the island known as bights. North Bight, South Bight and Middle Bight.

And if you know where you’re going, all can get you through the island going east or west.  The Bights are 20-30 miles of deserted creeks, flats, islands and mangroves — but you will get lost without a good guide.  

Set on Cargyle Creek, the Andros Island Bonefishing Club is bonefishing paradise. 

bahamas bonefishing

The lodge was founded and by renowned Andros bonefish guide Rupert Leadon, built on the quality of the fishery and the incredible natural resource of the bights and the Andros West Side National Park

They called it a club because the lodge began as an association of some of the best guides on the island. It’s still the same way today.

bahamas bonefishing

OUR GUIDE Joe takes us from North Andros through the middle bight in search of my 24 incher.

We travel to the southwestern side of middle bight in channels and creeks approaching in Spanish Wells and Chalk Sound. 

I am in awe. This is really is God’s country. There is no one here in this place, a vast water world and adventure park for the saltwater sportsman.

We travel another 100 miles in two days and never see another boat or person.

But we never find that two-foot-long bonefish again. He’s still out there in the bights.

— CJ

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