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A New Caribbean Events Portal

By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

There’s a new way to island hop around the Caribbean’s greatest events.

Caribbean Events has partnered with regional airline LIAT to increase awareness of regional events and to bolster intraregional air travel.

“The Caribbean is rich in history, culture and surrounded by a playground of water, all of which inspire the many of the events and festivals,” said Nerdin St. Rose, leading Caribbean marketing expert and founder of the new Caribbean Events. “Whether it’s carnivals, world-class music, sports or food, these festivals and events also have a way of bringing people together and so we want to ensure that travelers around the world know about these experiences, offering many more reasons to visit the region.”

St. Rose said she also wanted to see more regional travelers coming to the Caribbean’s various events and festivals.

LIAT operates around 490 flights every week around the Caribbean — ensuring easy access to festivals and events around the region, from the upcoming Mas Dominik to the Caribbean Events.

“With our modern ATR fleet and excellent on-time performance, LIAT is happy to ensure visitors can get to events across the region.”

For more, visit Caribbean Events.

— CJ

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