VIDEO: Belle Mont Farm in St Kitts: A New Kind of Caribbean Destination


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

ST KITTS — There’s always an analog. There’s always a place it reminds you of, a hotel just like one you’ve seen in another destination.

And then you come here — and you realize that there isn’t one.

It’s a bit of a journey to get to here — a nonstop flight to St Kitts, a drive along the rugged coastal road, a search for a sign and a trip up the foothills of a volcano.

caribbean belle mont farm

But when you arrive here, it’s not just that the journey was worth it. It’s that the journey was to a different destination than you imagined.

This is Belle Mont Farm, and it’s a totally different hotel for the Caribbean.

caribbean belle mont farm

It began years ago with a vision – to build a sustainable hotel, one set on a working farm, where even the golf course is organic — and that’s precisely what’s been achieved here.

There are 40 units at Belle Mont Farm at Kittitian Hill: 33 cottages and seven larger villas, all gorgeously designed, all with sweeping views of St Kitts and neighboring islands like St Eustatius.

caribbean belle mont farm

Plainly, without hyperbole, it’s one of the most beautifully designed properties you will ever see, from the stone construction to some of the Caribbean’s sexiest cottages (all with their own private plunge pools)

That’s without mentioning the rugged, impossibly scenic golf course that is an adventure unto itself.

But what stands out here is the feel.

As you walk around the grounds, as you sit at your pool, as you eat in a remarkable farm-to-table dinner (that’s actually on the grounds of the farm), you feel something.

caribbean belle mont farm

You feel a serenity, you feel a connection to the beauty that you see, you feel what is not here: bustle and noise and the synthetic.

It’s an initially peculiar feeling that turns into a grand one: because while this is an exquisitely executed eco hotel, it’s far more than that: it’s a luxury resort with the soul of a green retreat.

caribbean belle mont farm

It’s a luxury that’s rooted in the almost remarkable design, in the stone construction that’s brand new but instantly feels timeless, in the wooden cottages that offer charming comfort, with their massive bathrooms and outdoor showers and slide-down projector screens.

You will come here and feel your sense of time and space wonderfully warped.

caribbean belle mont farm

And no, there is no compromise – you have your Wi-Fi and your streaming and your coffee and your toiletries, wonderful food and a great bar inside of a sugar mill.

This place is not a detox — this is a jump forward, into what a Caribbean hotel can be — how the real and the natural can be used to enhance — not compromise — the experience. Luxury through authenticity.

caribbean belle mont farm

It’s a feeling that you are living— not just staying – in an organically, beautifully, wonderfully Caribbean hillside destination.

It’s a vision of what a Caribbean hotel can be — and there’s not anything quite like it.

For more, visit Belle Mont Farm.

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