Rum Journal: The Rum Awards — 2018

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rum awards 2018

Best Gold Rum: Island Company Rum, Trinidad What is gold rum? It’s something that’s become an institution on liquor store shelves; on rum labels all over the Caribbean. While a segment of the rum industry has been fighting back against somewhat nebulous labels like these, arguing instead for a far-too-byzantine classification system that will only confuse consumers further, gold rum is pretty easy to understand. It’s not unaged white rum, but it’s also only aged for a few years, somewhat akin to the VO label in Rhum Agricole. But we digress. We’ve been doing a Gold Rum category since the Rum Awards began — in large part because these rums occupy a popular segment of the consumer market. So what’s the best of 2018? It’s the Trinidad-sourced Island Company Rum, an eminently drinkable expression that’s quintessentially Trini — but also a bit smoother and refined, perfect for cocktails but one that can hold its own neat, something that can’t be said for the vast majority of “gold” rums.

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