Rum Journal: The Rum Awards — 2018

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rum awards 2018

Rhum Agricole of the Year: JM Multimillesime, Martinique Rum aficionados know Rhum JM. They know its storied past, its privileged plantation perch at the foot of a volcano in Martinique. On the island and abroad, it’s a rum that’s in the rum pantheon, one with almost mythical status. And that can all sound like hyperbole — until you try it for the first time. But one of the company’s latest expressions is something else entirely. JM has unveiled what it calls a “Multimillesime,” or multiple-vintage, that blends the vintages of 2002, 2007 and 2009 into one of the greatest rhum agricoles you will ever try. It’s a true masterpiece, a must for any collector, an extraordinary spirit — and from a distillery like JM, that really says something.

Double Gold: Rhum La Favorite Reserve de la Chateau 2002, Martinique

Gold: Rhum Clement Colonne Creole Rhum Vieux, Martinique

Silver: Trois Rivieres Oman Rhum Vieux Agricole, Martinique 

Bronze: Rhum HSE Single Malt Finish Highland

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