More Travelers Are Visiting Grenada

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

More and more travelers are flocking to the Caribbean island of Grenada, according to the latest numbers from the Grenada Tourism Authority.

The destination has received 111,446 stayover visitors so far this year, a jump of 10.55 percent compared to the first eight months of 2017.

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High above Grand Anse Beach in Grenada.

That is among the fastest growth rates of any destination in the Caribbean this year, according to the Caribbean Tourism Organization.

The data were revealed during a briefing at the recent CTO State of the Industry conference in Nassau this month.

That comes as cruise passenger arrivals to Grenada have totaled 220,987 so far this year, a 26.76 percent jump over last year at this time.

The yachting sector in Grenada has also reported 34,451 sailing calls to the destination, itself a 11.76 percent increase.

Overall, that means 366,884 visitors to the country in 2018, an increase of 19.9 percent.

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