Grenada’s True Blue Bay Is Expanding

grenada true blue resortThe True Blue Bay resort in Grenada.

By Alexander Britell

One of Grenada’s most beloved small hotels is making some additions.

The island’s True Blue Bay resort has announced the soon-to-debut addition of 21 new rooms at the boutique property, part of True Blue’s new “Cocoa Pod” rooms.

The new wing is slated for completion in January 2019.

The changes were revealed by Grenada Tourism Authority officials during a media briefing at the Caribbean Tourism Organization’s State of the Industry conference at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort this week in Nassau.

True Blue Bay will also be adding a pair of new “lap-style” shallow pools to both the front and back of the new wing at the property.

The currently 49-room True Blue Bay has a mix of both two-bedroom villas and traditional suites in a location on the southwestern tip of Grenada.

Its Dodgy Dock eatery is among the most popular in Grenada.

— CJ