The 5 Best Barbados Hotels to Visit Right Now

barbados hotels best
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Elegance, style, luxury and grace. They’re the sorts of things that define the Barbados travel experience. And that’s particularly true in Barbados’ diverse hotel product, which tends to focus on the boutique, in size and spirit.

The island’s best hotels aren’t always big — but what they have in common are the casually hip, effortlessly chic and endlessly authentic qualities that make the island such a wonderful place to visit.

On this island, great things tend to come in small packages, with a wide variety of beautiful, well-run and authentic places to stay. But there’s a broad range of options, from the all-inclusive to the grand, the adults-only to the family friendly.

Here are five Barbados hotels worth checking out right now.

barbados hotels best

The House Elegant Hotels just about redefined the Barbados hotel experience when the company debuted this 34-room Platinum Coast outpost. It’s hip, luxurious and elegant without feeling stuffy, a combination that rewards its guests considerably. It doesn’t hurt that the on-site restaurant is Daphne’s, one of the island’s destination eateries. And did we mention the champagne breakfast?

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