A Great Little Cafe in Dominica


By Alexander Britell

There’s light music, the clack of china cups and the sound of the water.

This is a classic sidewalk cafe, umbrellas and tables and all, a tiny slice of France on the seafront in Roseau, Dominica.

This is Le Petit Paris, the best little cafe in Dominica, a friendly, welcoming place to meet and sip and nibble on some of the island’s best pastries.

It stands out on the seafront promenade here, a wonderful, venerable old Creole stone building, white with blue shutters, and it gathers everyone: the local artist; the visiting writer; the travelers in search of Dominica’s greenery.

There is great espresso, a selection of both classic French baked goods and some, like croissants stuffed with chicken, that have a uniquely Dominican twist.

On the main stretch in Roseau’s harbor, it’s a true oasis.

— CJ

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