A New Eatery Opens in St Croix


By the Caribbean Journal staff

One of the Caribbean’s hottest culinary scenes just got even hotter with the addition of another exciting eatery.

It’s called Club Comanche R.A.W., and it’s situated on the ground floor beneath the historic Club Comanche boutique hotel in Christiansted (a place you may know for its secret cigar lounge). It’s just across the street from the 40 Strand restaurant, another Christiansted favorite.

R.A.W, which just opened this month, focuses on craft cocktails, special wines and fresh seafood, with the latter featuring everything from sous vide lobster to langoustines in chili broth.

But it’s really about the drinks — R.A.W. stands for Rum and Wine, meaning you can get the best of the Caribbean’s most famous spirit and a terrific selection of wines to savor.

— CJ


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