Anguilla’s Zemi Beach House Debuts New-Look Bar


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Anguilla’s Zemi Beach House hotel has relaunched its main bar, now called the Bohio Lounge.

Previously known as The Bar & Lounge, the rename pays homage to the original indigenous people of Anguilla, the Taino Indians.

“Bohio” is the name for the thatched huts that the Taino people lived in, and were spaces for community congregation.

The new-look Bohio bar.

The name was used to reflect and remember this gathering space of the Tainos, as the lounge gathering is a space for guests of Zemi Beach House, according to the property.

Bohio serves pre- and after-dinner cocktails, champagne and wings to guests who gather to enjoy live music and conversation.

Zemi was the first major hotel in Anguilla to reopen in the wake of last year’s Hurricane Irma.

— CJ


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