How This Haiti Hotel Is Adding Art to the Streets of Port-au-Prince


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Haiti’s Le Plaza hotel is doing its part to add even more art to the streets of downtown Port-au-Prince with major new mural project.

The mural, commissioned last summer by the hotel’s management team and created by Haitian graffiti artist Jerry Rosembert Moise, wraps around the hotel to feature the creativity of Haitian artisans.

“As one of the few hotels that has stayed open in downtown Port-au-Prince during these challenging years, there is no way that we could miss this opportunity to celebrate Haitian culture and beautify this historic downtown area for the benefit of citizens and visitors alike,” said Marc Pierre-Louis, General Manager of Le Plaza. “We hope more visitors will come and see the creativity of our people, and the vibrant history and culture of this, the second-oldest independent state in the hemisphere.”

Rosembert Moise, assisted by Nadia Todres, an American photographer resident in the country since 2010, is renowned for highlighting the vibrancy of Haiti’s art and culture.

After the devastation of the earthquake that hit the island in 2010, Rosembert Moise took his painting tools to the streets of Port-au-Prince with a strong political message, and now aims to uplift of his compatriots with artistic renderings of Haitian life.

His work, imbued with the spirit of Haitian life, colors the walls of a new shopping and restaurant compound in Pétion-ville.

He is nearing completion of his latest creation on the walls of Le Plaza, featuring lush jungle scenes in a dense urban setting.

— CJ