LeBron James Vacations in Anguilla

The Beach House in Anguilla.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Taking the time to plan your next career move? A Caribbean vacation is always a good way to start.

That seems to have been the plan this week for global basketball superstar and three-time NBA champion LeBron James, who spent this week vacationing on the island of Anguilla.

James, who was staying in a massive villa on Meads Bay, posted several times on Instagram documenting his getaway.

The Anguilla Tourist Board confirmed that James was staying in the ultra-luxe “Beach House Anguilla.” (Below and in cover photo).

The Beach House.

That was highlighted by video of his traveling companions jumping off a cliff in Anguilla’s Little Bay.

After doubts emerged that James, too, had made the jump, he posted video of himself making the cliff jump into the Caribbean water.

“Everyone asking me if I really jumped earlier from my story early on today, well here you go!”

It’s a rather big boost for Anguilla, which was hit hard by Hurricane Irma and is still in the process of building back its tourism sector. Most of the destination’s top hotels (like the Belmond Cap Juluca) remain shuttered until the winter season.

The ATB got into the action on the major publicity opportunity, with the island’s tourist board replying to many of the comments on James’ posts.

James has long been a fan of the Caribbean, particularly The Bahamas, where he has regularly traveled over the years.

— CJ


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