The Best Fly Fishing Shop in The Bahamas


By Guy Britton

It’s long been a paradise for flyfishermen: Long Island, the aptly-named 80-mile-long destination in the heart of The Bahamas.

The island’s lee-side bays are nothing short of ground zero for flyfishermen, with some particularly large bonefish catches in the waters.

But any bonefishing journey on Long Island typically begins here: Bonafide Bonefishing, the island’s Mecca for everything flyfishing related, from bass rods for fishing and tackle to fishing knives to authentic Bahamian souvenirs and, yes, world-class fly fishing adventures.


This is the home base for James Smith aka “Docky,” one of the Bahamas’ top fly fishing guides, who can take you out to find every kind of flats fish, from bonefish to tarpon and permit and knows these waters better than anybody.

The shop, which first opened its doors back in 2002, has become an institution on Long Island, a kind of must-stop place on any journey to the island — whether you’re going fly fishing or just looking for an authentic slice of Long Island life.

And it simply doesn’t get any better than this.

For more info, visit Bonafide Bonefishing.

— CJ


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