Discovering Schooner Bay in Abaco


By Alexander Britell and Guy Britton

This is another side of Abaco, unexplored, undiscovered, beyond the brush, beyond the mangroves.

It’s a journey here from Marsh Harbour, a world away from the cays, a corner of the island few ever get to experience.

Tucked away here in the southeast of Great Abaco is Schooner Bay, a luxury real estate community that marries the charm of a Bahamian village with an unadulterated portal to the natural beauty of the island.

There are 35 homes here, all in the traditional Bahamian style, with a serious focus on green living, from the only geothermal cooling in The Bahamas to an all-electric cart fleet.

It’s a destination on the edge, surrounded by forests, home to two world-class, almost-always-entirely -empty white-sand beaches.

Schooner Bay is the home of true Bahamian tranquility, with a different rhythm.

After a decade, it’s become one of the most sought-after and exclusive real estate communities in The Bahamas.

And yes, you can stay here, too, either in a rental villa or in the community’s boutique hotel, The Sandpiper Inn.

The latter is a slice of Abaconian life, a guest house with beautiful rooms and suites (highlighted by superb bathrooms) and one of the best restaurants in Abaco, helmed by top chef Marcellus Higgins, who spent nearly two decades serving some of the finest meals on Harbour Island).

It’s a true guest house, with breakfast, lunch and dinner, a small pool, views of the marina and an emphasis on pure living.

The best amenity, though, is the nearby beach cabana, a short golf cart’s ride on the spectacular Schooner Beach, which effectively becomes your own private beach house for the day.

The beach cabana is the recipe for the perfect afternoon.

There’s ample space, a kitchen and even excellent Wi-Fi, the perfect place to enjoy the natural splendor of this largely hidden corner of Abaco.

The cabana is a place designed for sandy afternoons, breezy and bright, the kind of secluded, private beach house you simply can’t find at the typical Caribbean accommodation.

But you can find it in Schooner Bay.

For more information, visit Schooner Bay and The Sandpiper Inn.

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