5 Tiny Caribbean Islands to Check Out Right now

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There’s nothing like the feeling of discovery, of coming to a destination far off the beaten path, of finding a place for adventurous travelers. In the Caribbean, that often means the more remote islands, the harder-to-reach spots.

But even these wonderful little destinations are easier to reach than you think, just an extra flight or an extra boat ride

But the journey is worth it. These tiny Caribbean islands will instantly make you fall in love.

Here are five tiny out-of-the-way Caribbean paradises.

tiny caribbean

Dinner at the Anegada Reef hotel.

Anegada It used to be a frontier destination, tucked away in the far reaches of the British Virgin Islands, an almost mythical place filled with giant lobster and endless beaches. But today Anegada is the centerpiece of the British Virgin Islands’ post-storm recovery, and with new ferry service it’s easier than ever to get there. (Oh, and the giant lobster and beaches are very real). How to Get There: There are VI Airlink flights from both St Thomas and Tortola, along with a new Anegada Express ferry out of Tortola.

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