How to Discover Dominica Right Now: Mas Domnik

dominica carnival

By Alexander Britell

It’s a raucous, rousing message to the world that Dominica is open for business.

It’s Mas Domnik, Dominica’s fascinating, festive carnival and it’s happening right now.

Mas Domnik, Dominica’s unique brand of carnival, has officially launched under the theme of “Celebrating Our Traditions.”

dominica carnival

Carnival organizers acknowledge that this year’s event is more important than ever, in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

“Mas Domnik provides a unique opportunity for our creative community – costume builders, song writers, music producers, seamstresses, tailors and performers of varying kinds to rise to the occasion and present their craft in a unique and distinct manner,” said Robert Tonge, Dominica’s Minister of Tourism.

“Tradition means a lot to us, and we intend on celebrating it honorably and safely,” said Colin Piper, CEO of the Discover Dominica Authority and Director of Tourism.

While this year’s carnival will be scaled down from previous years for obvious reasons, will include six weeks of calypso shows, celebrations, parades and fetes for every age group.

Dominicans call it The Real Mas, considering it the “last remaining fortress of true authentic masquerade in the Caribbean.”

It will run through Carnival Monday and Tuedsay on Feb. 12 and 13, culminating with the “Taway Vaval” in Dominica’s Kalinago territory on Feb. 14.

And yes, Dominica’s tourism sector has been recovering in the wake of Maria, with its largest hotel, the Fort Young, having just reopened this week, while a number of other guest houses and smaller properties have also reopened their doors.

Because right now, the best way to help destinations like Dominica is to visit them.

For more information, visit Dominica Festivals.


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