Bahamas Signs Air Services Agreements With Qatar, Australia

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

The Bahamas has signed three new air services agreements, Tourism and Aviation Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar announced this week.

D’Aguilar signed deals with Qatar, Australia and Finland during the International Civil Aviation Organization’s Air Services Negotiation event in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

An air services agreement allows commercial air services between a pair of countries.

This was the 10th session of ICAN.

The Bahamas has now signed 11 air services agreements, having previously signed deals with Curaçao, Singapore, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Turkey and New Zealand.

The Bahamas also had “fruitful negotiations” with South Africa, the United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Austria, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Switzerland, Chile and Jordan, where Memoranda of Understanding were signed.

It is expected that full Air Service Agreements will soon be signed with those countries, according to a government statement.


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