Aruba’s New Free Wi-Fi Zones

Eagle Beach.

By the Caribbean Journal staff

One of the Caribbean’s most innovative destinations is continuing to raise the bar with the launch of new free Wi-Fi zones across the island.

Aruba has unveiled five new zones “in order to enhance our visitors’ experience,” the Aruba Tourism Authority said in a release.

The free Wi-Fi zones include Eagle Beach; Plaza Turismo; Arikok National Park; Mangel Halto and the Casibari Rock Formation.

The map of Aruba’s free Wi-Fi spots.

“Snap a picture of the perfect sunset when you are at Eagle Beach or Mangel Halto beach and post these right away for your friends and family. Sshhtt… they don’t know you are trying to make them jealous,” the ATA said.

Here’s hoping more Caribbean destinations follow suit.

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