VIDEO: Discovering Boca Grandi Beach in Aruba


The moment you pull the car over the sandy path, you realize this isn’t like any other beach in Aruba.

And it isn’t like any other beach in the Caribbean, either.

This is Boca Grandi.

It isn’t the beach you’re used to — there are sand dunes; the edge of the sand is pink; kitesurfers abound and there are wind turbines in the distance.

But the sand is blindingly white; the water sparkling turquoise; and, of course, there’s a terrific little beach bar, the recently-opened and already effortlessly hip Tortuga Beach Bar.

Boca Grandi is raw, it’s remote, it’s exotic, it’s active and, most importantly, it’s largely undiscovered, far off the tourist map.

It’s a little harder to get here, but like all wonderful places, those who journey here are rewarded.

This is Boca Grandi, and it just might be the coolest stretch of sand in the Caribbean right now.

See more in the latest Caribbean Journal video at the top of the page.

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