French Coco, Martinique’s Newest Luxury Hotel


It’s the essence of what makes the island of Martinique such a unique destination: the style, the creativity, the sophistication.

It’s the gastronomy, the lush landscaping, the live music.

Set on the Trinite peninsula on Martinique’s raw, beautiful Atlantic coast, the luxury boutique hotel called French Coco has 17 suites with a hip, understated French Caribbean style, with muted tones and wooden furniture, each with a terrace. (It’s also a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World).

And then there’s the restaurant, one of the island’s most creative offerings, with the kind of artful, exquisitely prepared food that is a hallmark of the cuisine in Martinique.

But while lounging on the patio with a ti’ punch is a beautiful thing, this is an island that simply begs to be explored, and French Coco’s concierge, Philippe, will help you get where you need to go, from from the laid-back beach town of Tartane to the beaches of La Caravelle.

This is French Coco, and it’s the newest addition to Martinique’s resorts — and an important one at that.

The best part? It’s less than $300 a night.

— CJ


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