Rum Journal: Tasting Grenada’s Westerhall 10XO


It’s the late afternoon in Grenada, and just about any rum would work well while bobbing in the sparkling waters of Grand Anse Beach, but this one is special.

This is Westerhall 10XO, perhaps the best rum from Grenada (competing with Clarke’s Court #37 expression for that honor) and it’s, well, terrific.

Grenada has long been one of the Caribbean’s under-the-radar rum destinations, thanks to a rather broad portfolio of rums across three main brands: Clarke’s Court, Rivers (produced at the legendary River Antoine distillery) and Westerhall.

It’s the last one that primarily focuses on the rum connoisseur, with elegant bottling and refined expressions.

While Westerhall’s rum itself comes from Trinidad, the Westerhall Estate’s specialty is in the blending and bottling of rums, and that’s why the rum stands out.

Westerhall 10XO is a blend of rums aged for a minimum of 10 years, and the result is a complex but eminently drinkable expression.

10XO has a sweet aroma of candied fruit and a hint of citrus peel. The flavor profile includes velvety hints of orange peel, spice, black pepper, candided fruit, oak, banana and a a finish that’s tart at its core but ultimately proves to be sweet and round.

The verdict? A Grenadian star.

Rum Journal Rating: 93 points.


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