5 Antigua Hotels to Visit Right Now

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The island of Antigua has increasingly been on the radar of in-the-know travelers thanks to a mix of world-class beaches, impressive history and culture and a broad collection of top-level resorts. While the latter have largely been defined by all-inclusive options, there are a host of great EP-plan Antigua hotels to try that offer their own special character and take on Antiguan hospitality. Here are five of our favorite Antigua hotels to try on your next Caribbean getaway.

Blue Waters antigua hotels

Blue Waters It’s hard to think of a lovelier resort anywhere on the island than Blue Waters, the beautifully-designed resort with 116 rooms and suites that feels so much more intimate. The rooms are charming and well-appointed, the pool and beach sublime and the food superb. But the best part is the feel, with an ambience that takes you back to a Caribbean that’s very hard to find nowadays.

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