The Moorings’ New Martinique Experience


By Dana Niland
CJ Contributor

Sailing charter firm The Moorings has added a new destination experience for travelers: Martinique.

The crewed yacht charter called the Martinique Rum Experience provides spacious waterfront living while cruising the coastline of Martinique.

Days can be spent ashore exploring lush gardens or historic landmarks, or simply relaxing into island life with beaches, snorkeling and refreshing cocktails on deck.

The yacht will depart from St. Lucia and cruise northward to the French department of Martinique, where miles of rainforests and crops of fresh sugarcane developed into a tradition of rum production.

Travelers will tour and taste in world-famous rum factories, and learn the distinctive qualities of the rhum agricole of Martinique.

“In Egypt, you visit pyramids; in Thailand, the temples,” says Lauren Brival, a Saint-Pierre tour guide. “In Martinique, you visit the rum distilleries.”


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