Virgin Atlantic Now Offers Wi-Fi on Flights to the Caribbean


Virgin Atlantic has jus raised the bar with its new Wi-Fi update: a global offering that even includes flights from Europe to the Caribbean.

Virgin is now the first airline in Europe to offer Wi-Fi across its entire fleet, meaning travelers can now use email and browse the Internet at 35,000 feet.

The cost? As little as £2.99, according to the company.

Virgin’s technology uses a combination of Panasonic and Gogo technology, with access beginning once aircraft reach 10,000 feet.

Virgin said about 42 percent of customers opt for the WiFi Max package which lasts for the entire flight.

“From today customers flying around the world with Virgin Atlantic can work and play throughout their flight as we become the first airline in Europe to offer a fully WiFi enabled fleet,” said Mark Anderson, Executive Vice President, Customer at Virgin Atlantic. “Innovation has always been in our blood and we’ve worked closely with WiFi providers to develop the fastest, most reliable connection across the Atlantic, and are the first carrier to offer WiFi between the UK and the Caribbean, China and Africa.”

The airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft use Gogo, while its 787 Dreamliners use Panasonic Wi-Fi.

– Caribbean Journal staff


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