Flying to St. Barth on Tradewind Aviation


By Alexander Britell

You know something’s different when, after checking in, you don’t go through security.

You take a side elevator up to a private lounge, waiting until the time when you simply have to walk right down to the runway for your flight.

Tradewind Aviation is a very different experience — in a time when it seems that everything about air travel is becoming harder, it’s a sizable breath of fresh air.

Tradewind Aviation, which operates both scheduled flights and charter service to a number of islands around the Caribbean from Nevis to St. Thomas, is perhaps best known as the best way to fly to St. Barth. (Tradewind also operates flights across the northeastern Untied States).

Flying in style.

You fly to San Juan, go through the aforementioned check-in and in less than an hour you’re touching down at Gustaf III Airport.

Of course, the easy check in in San Juan is just the beginning, from the luxurious seating to the free wine and beer (and even champagne) during the flight to what is an exquisite level of service from everyone from the check-in desk to the pilots.

Then there is the aircraft itself, the Pilatus PC-12, the smoothest propeller plane you’ll ever travel in, the kind that made its name traveling around the tough climes of the Alps.

Ultimately, this is air travel as it’s meant to be, glamorous, adventurous and, most importantly, easy.

It’s why Tradewind isn’t just the best way to fly to St. Barth — it’s the best way to fly around the Caribbean, period.

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For more information, visit Tradewind Aviation.

— CJ


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