Ritual Coffee Culture, Aruba’s Newest Cafe


Even on Palm Beach, a morning can’t begin without a proper cup of coffee. It’s simply part of the routine, even when you’re on holiday.

And making great coffee is precisely the plan at the new Ritual Coffee Culture, a sleek new cafe at the Ritz-Carlton, Aruba.

The coffee house, with a Brooklyn-meets-the-Caribbean wood and stone decor, has a range of classic coffee drinks from espresso to macchiato along with favorites like cold brew, nitro coffee, cold drip and even a selection of frozen coffees.

That’s joined by options like pastries, fruit and sandwiches for the traveler on the go.

Even better? Ritual Coffee Culture also has its own gelateria, with a perfectly manicured selection of classic gelato flavors, from pistachio to stracciatella.

Whether you’re staying at the Ritz-Carlton or simply passing through, there’s no better place to start the day.

– CJ

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