9 Caribbean Hotels That Serve Afternoon Tea

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By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

Pinkies up, Caribbean lovers! Because despite the balmy weather, the ritual of afternoon tea is alive and well in the Caribbean – and not just in formerly British destinations, either. From Mexico and St. Lucia and to islands you’d expect, such as Barbados and Bermuda, there are plenty of regional hotels where you can enjoy a spot of tea under the sun. So when you’re ready for a scrumptious post-lunch, pre-dinner pick-me-up, consider our choice of the top Caribbean hotels for afternoon tea.

Sandy Lane, Barbados Reservations and casually elegant attire are most definitely required at this posh Bajan retreat, where tea with all the traditional trimmings (as well as champagne, if you opt for the Royal Tea) is served in a lovely outdoor setting under a canopy of mahogany trees.

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