Jamaica’s Big Gastronomic Plans


Aiming to position itself as a foodie destination, Jamaica’s tourism officials are planning a major push to become a hub for “gastronomic tourism.”

The first step will be the creation of a series of “gastronomic centers” across the island, with the first at Devon House in Kingston.

The site will become a space where visitors can cook their own meals, according to Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett.

“We’ll be establishing a kitchen. We’re inviting the world to come and cook at Devon House. Families can come; no chef will be in the kitchen, you are the chef,” Bartlett said.

According to a report from the UN World Tourism Organization, 88.2 percent of travelers ““consider that gastronomy is a strategic element defining the brand and image of their destination.”

“If food is the dominant reason why people are travellng, then we should be marketing our foods, and what we do with food, this is one of the driving factors,” said Head of the Tourism Linkages Network, Carolyn McDonald Riley.

— CJ Staff