China’s New $384 Million Highway Project in Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

A huge new highway project is coming to the island of Jamaica.

The Southern Coastal Highway Improvement Project will entail the rehabilitation of the 110-kilometer roadway between Harbour View in Kingston and Port Antonio in Portland.

It’s slated to launch in 2018, with a total spend of $384 million USD.

Ann Environmental Impact Assessment study is a required step before the project can go ahead.

The project will be executed by the China Harbour Engineering Company Limited, financed by a loan agreement with the China EXIM Bank signed in February.

Officials say land acquisition exercises will start very soon.

“We expect that China Harbour will be able to show us a final design by December. So realistically, we are looking at early next year, insofar as equipment being on the ground is concerned,” said National Works Agency (NWA) Communications and Customer Service Manager, Stephen Shaw.