Coral World: St. Thomas’ Must-Visit Attraction


There are mountaintop bars, duty free shops and some of the Caribbean’s greatest beaches.

But if you’re looking for one must-visit attraction in St. Thomas, it’s this: Coral World Ocean Park, the island’s leading eco-tourism destination.

The park is a gateway to the Virgin Islands’ underwater world, from outdoor marine pools and nature trails to stingrays and sharks.

SNUBA at Coral World.

It’s also a place to experience SNUBA, surface-supplied diving that makes the feeling of diving accessible to just about anybody.

For years, Coral World has been at the center of the island’s conservation efforts, from a new coral restoration project replanting depleted reef sites to a major shark tagging research project.

Coral replanting in St. Thomas.

They’re all reasons why we Coral World should be at the top of your list in St. Thomas.

See more in the video above.

For more info, visit Coral World.

— Guy Britton


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