Rum Journal: A Rum Corner at the Bitter End Yacht Club


After a long day on the North Sound you need a good rum.

But not just any rum will do.

So you walk around the Windward Mark Bar and find the rum corner.

This is the home of rum at the newest bar at the Bitter End Yacht Club, a collection of fine rums that reward those who journey here.

The new rum portfolio is the result of the expert stewardship of BEYC Food & Beverage Director Chris Riley, who came on at the beginning of the year and clearly saw the need for rum worthy of this venerable Virgin Gorda retreat, thanks to previous work with fine wine and spirits purveyor TICO.

The selection has a diverse mix of rums from around the region, highlighted by some top level rhum agricoles that are very hard to find anywhere outside of Martinique, notably Rhum Saint James 12 and Depaz XO.

It all makes for a perfect Caribbean seaside bar, doing it the way it’s been done for centuries – an afternoon on the water capped by a night of rum.

There are few better formulas for a perfect day.

— CJ


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