Why Kids Will Love Joya, Cirque du Soleil’s Riviera Maya Show


By Camille Rodriguez
CJ Contributor

Joya is a show by Cirque du Soleil about a little girl whose name is Joya and her grandfather.

The grandfather was a scientist and he protects a book about the world. She touched an asteroid that belonged to her grandfather and the lights started flickering. It was weird because when the grandfather touched the asteroid it didn’t flicker.

It triggered a performance of a couple on roller skates who performed acrobatic feats.

Then the show really began with aerialists, tumblers, pirates, dancers, trapeze and more.

I loved when the character “Aquatik” did acrobatics while balancing on canes.

And my favorite part was the pilots, also known as “Botanik,” who did funny things when they crash-landed out of their parachutes. They did acrobatic tricks with one flipping the other with his legs.

The theater that Joya was performed in looked like a magical forest that was buried under ground. It felt like it was glowing.

Before the show was a dinner. It was incredible because they put steam in a plant to decorate the plate.

We also ate ice cream before the entrée but I didn’t like it.

The entrée was really yummy and it brought a “tree” that was bread with leaves that were really good.

The dessert came in a book! I thought we were going to read and study all about the show but I opened the book and there were four kinds of dessert in it. A chocolate one and a tiny key lime pie were my favorites.

I recommend it to other kids because it is fun and entertaining. And if you are a VIP you’ll get special seats and before the show you are watching an amazing magician making drinks. (Editor’s note: Non-alcoholic beverages are prepared for the kids.)

Joya is performred at the Cirque du Soleil Theater at Vidanta Riviera Maya.

Camille Rodriguez, 9, is a special contributor for Caribbean Journal. 


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