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Expedia: Barbados Package Demand Rising

Above: Barbados' Platinum Coast

More travelers are looking to book packages to Barbados, according to a new report from the Expedia group.

The company said its hotel partners in Barbados had increased their package demand by nearly 15 percent year over year last year.

Destinations like Christ Church saw nearly 30 percent year over year growth, while St. Peter saw 50 percent growth.

The United States remains the key feeder market for Barbados on Expedia, with 20 percent growth last year, followed by Canada at 15 percent growth and Brazil with 25 percent growth year over year.

Mobile demand also jumped to Barbados, particularly from the United States.

“Expedia continues to support Barbados’ growth with the constant rollout of effective solutions like the Expedia® PartnerCentral App and the recently announce Value Add Promotions. As properties continue to benefit from the company’s wide-range of tools, technology and expertise, we continue to build relationships with hotel partners who see the benefit of Expedia,” said Demetrius Canton, Director of Lodging Partner Services for the Caribbean, the Expedia group. “Attending Barbados Connect last week and meeting with industry leaders and valued partners provided our Market Management team with the opportunity to enhance our relationships in the region and further identify the priorities and needs of our partners.”

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