VIDEO: The Wonder of Bathsheba, Barbados


BATHSHEBA — The energy here is different.

The sky is brighter, the waves stronger, the blue bluer.

It’s the late afternoon and a group of young surfers are gathered on the golden shores of Bathsheba, looking to catch the right wave in what is almost certainly the sport’s top destination in all of the West Indies.

Bathsheba is a mystical place, one that has for decades drawn swell-seekers and those looking for the kind of beach towns where the fish is fresh, the people are warm and the scenery is over the top.

The massive, mysterious rock formations remind of the power of nature; that those who come here do so at the pleasure of another force.

And there truly is a special energy here on the raw eastern coast of Barbados, the part of Barbados where most Bajans will admit to you they like to spend their own vacations.

The waves begin to do their work and the kids amble into the water, diving into that great deep, ready to contend with the endless. unforgiving cycling currents of the Atlantic.

This is Bathsehba. And you need to be here.

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— Alexander Britell