Ocean Z: A Very Cool Boutique Hotel in Aruba


Guy Britton explores Aruba’s hip new retreat

You know it immediately — even before you enter. This little hotel is different, unique and just about the definition of a luxury boutique hotel.

It takes a special type of guest to really appreciate it.  But then, with just 13 rooms, that may be a very good thing.

We love small hotels and especially small hotels that are owner operated.

There is something about the intimacy and romance of an owner operated hotel. No matter at what size or scale of a hotel the basic notion of welcoming guests as if it were into one’s own home is at the core of true hospitality and real luxury.

There is a sense of quiet and relaxation that comes with staying at the Ocean Z Boutique Hotel in Aruba, the island’s hip new retreat.  It’s a sanctuary.

The property surrounds a beautiful swimming pool and outdoor lounge areas.  The indoor lounge marries inside with out and is so sexy it begs for a party — but it will have to be a very small and intimate one because Ocean Z is nestled in a residential part of Aruba at the very north west tip of the island.

The owners and guests respect the quiet and natural beauty of this part of the island.

Ocean Z is on the water, across the road and is near several nice northwest beaches like Malmok, Boca Catalina and Arashi.

Ocean Z will set up special seating and hospitality for guests at Arashi Beach and there is great snorkeling right across the street.

So while it’s not directly on the beach, the property has a lot to offer in and around the water.  It’s also nice that Ocean Z is up the road and away from the more populated tourist areas.

This is the kind of hotel that needs to be lived in, enjoyed and shared with others.

You won’t realize it when you check in but every day you stay, you will grow a little fonder of this place as it feel more and more like your home away from home.

We’ve often said luxury is subjective and personal.  In this case, the luxury began with the architectural design and quality of construction. And the design and quality of construction here is incredible.

Luxury is also service, details, food and a sense of place. By this definition Ocean Z also excels.

The staff is world class — indeed, some of the hardest working staff we’ve seen anywhere in the Caribbean.

And for such a small hotel the food was exceptionally good. Breakfasts are included and consist of yogurts, fruits, cereals, great espresso and egg specialities. For dinner reserve a table and eat in the privacy and style by the pool or lounge. On the menu the night I was there was Salmon or Filet Mignon.

Ocean Z isn’t like any other hotel in Aruba. And it doesn’t have many analogs in  the rest of the Caribbean, either.

It’s a place you need to see for yourself.

See more in the video at the top of the page.

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