VIDEO: Why You Need to Visit Cat Island


It’s the great Caribbean beach destination you didn’t even know existed, filled with impossibly long stretches of white (and pink) sand and miles to go before you spot another traveler.

This is Cat Island, and it’s the island you’ve been looking for.

There are just a handful of boutique hotels on this 150-square-mile island with a population of less than 1,200, some beach bungalows, some hillside retreats, all utterly tranquil and private. It’s all just a 40-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale or a pair of 30-minute flights with a stop in Nassau.

There is hiking, music and fresh fish, rake ’n scrape music and island soul and the castaway beach fantasy you didn’t think still existed.

This is Cat Island, and it just might be your next Caribbean island.

See more in the video journey at the top of the page.

— CJ


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