9 Caribbean Islands You Should Visit Right Now

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Whether you’re searching for a culinary retreat or a luxe getaway, now’s as good a time as any to come to the Caribbean — for whatever kind of trip you’re looking for.

Because the Caribbean just keeps getting better, with an increasingly diverse tourism product and more and more high-quality travel offerings from gastronomy to culture to throwback luxury.

As always, though, you’re probably searching for something new.

And we have you covered, with some new faces and established places that are worth a new look.

Here are nine islands to visit this spring.

Greenwood Beach on Cat Island.

Cat Island

This sparsely-populated Bahamian island is perhaps most famous as the childhood home of Sidney Poitier. But it should be on your radar for far more, from some of the Caribbean’s greatest untouched beaches to world-class kitesurfing to some classic tiny beach resorts. Simply put, there aren’t many places like this left, in the Caribbean or otherwise. And that’s a magnificent reason to go.

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