In the Bahamas, the Art of Conch


You can’t leave the Bahamas without sampling conch. Whether cracked, curried or in a hearty chowder, the scrumptious sea snail, which thrives in the archipelago’s warm and shallow waters, is a must.

But here’s another way to enjoy this Bahamian bite.

Treat yourself to one of these conch bowls, painstakingly made by local artisan Aaron Cooper.

Cooper cuts, cleans and polishes the pink-lipped mollusks to fashion curvaceous bowls that serve a multitude of purposes.

Use them as soup bowls (they come with conch spoons) or as servers for gravy or salad dressing (I used mine for cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving dinner). Fill them with guest soaps, potpourri or bath salts and display them with pride in the bathroom. Or use one as a catchall for coins on an entry console or jewelry on your bedside table.

Cooper’s other conch creations include Christmas decorations and jewelry, and they’re all available at Craft Cottage at the Doongalik Studios complex in downtown Nassau.

— Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, CJ Travel Editor


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